Wenche Bjerke || 2016-01-09 19:29:21
As part of my first week of classes we had the chance interview some of those involved in receiving and working with the refugees as they have been arriving in Norway. This is Wenche Bjerke, a volunteer with Nattevaktene på Tøyen, an organization focused on fulfilling the immediate needs of those who arrive in Oslo, whether it be clothing, food or information about their next steps. For the past several months, she has been awaiting scheduled trains from Sweden for any refugees arriving throughout the week. A teacher during two days of the week, this mother of two spends the remainder of her days carefully watching over the train schedule so that she may be present to greet the exhausted travellers. She is seen here holding her greeting cards that help to clarify that she is a volunteer and is there to assist, written in Arabic as she told me. As the number of arrivals has gone down significantly from the 200 per day that she was experiencing in October and November, she had a chance to sit and speak with me about her experience and some of the experiences of those she met.
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